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Southaven Rental Management

Let Us Help With Your Southaven, Mississippi Rental Property

Southaven homeWhen investing in the real estate market, having the right partners can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling business. A Owning rental homes and investing in the real estate market can be demanding and costly. The right property management company can make all the difference between a successful or a struggling business. A professional property management company will be there to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—without consuming your life.
Our approach at Omni Property Management is simple. We have over 10 years of experience managing rental properties in Southaven, and over 45 years managing residential rentals. Whether you are a local or out-of-state investor we have the experience and knowledge of the local market you need to succeed.
We take care of all types of residential rental properties for our clients including condominiums, residential apartments, duplexes, apartments, and single-family homes. We specialize in residential rentals of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Regardless of how many rental homes you own, we have a team of professionals to ensure that our clients’ properties remain profitable and continue appreciating in value. Our goal is to save you money at every stage of the process, so our services already pays for itself. Omni Property Management handles rentals in other locations as well, including Memphis, Olive Branch, Arlington, Cordova, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, and Fraser. Call us now to get more information about our rental management services.

Why You Should Hire Us

We understand the needs of investors, large and small, and have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to make managing your properties easy and pain-free for you. We can simplify everything with one simple and reliable management program.
Our customers can enjoy:

An Experienced Staff Dedicated to Your Investments

We understand that residential property management can be a tough business, requires constant attention, and is a long-term commitment. At Omni Realty, we ensure the success of our clients’ investments by handling the day-to-day management of their properties and taking every step necessary to guarantee that it yields the expected returns.
We will take care of everything from tenant emergencies to handling evictions to marketing and dealing with legal issues, we have the experience to know what works. Our in-depth management knowledge is geared to save you money and avoid expensive mistakes.

2. Property Marketing Campaigns

Omni Property Management utilizes a large network of online media platforms to market your vacant property to over a million prospective tenants within our operating area for no additionally fee. We focus our energy on sorting through thousands of leads to place the ideal tenant into your property quickly.

3. Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Finding a prospective tenant is already hard and finding the qualified one can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Omni Property Management has an entire department dedicated to sorting through prospective tenants, running background checks, and signing applications. We are able to get this done quickly by utilizing the best software in the industry, Appfolio.

4. Strict Rent Collection Policy

Rent collection is a necessity to the success of your investment. Unfortunately, it can also be a nightmare if you’re handling it on your own. When you entrust your Memphis property to us you are safeguarding your investment and securing your monthly income. We take rent collection very seriously, which is why we take every step necessary to guarantee that your income will arrive on time, including enforcing strict policies as well as allowing tenants to pay through our friendly online platform.

5. Routine Property Inspections

Houses are an appreciating asset, but in order to keep the price of your property rising, it is important that it doesn’t suffer any long-term damage. By providing routine property inspections and 24/7 maintenance support Omni Property Management can insure your rental property doesn’t fall into disrepair.

6. Transparent Finances

Here at Omni Property Management we value transparency. Which is why we make sure to submit detailed financial reports to you where we break down the state of your investment. This information can be accessed easily by logging into your online account on our website.

7. No-Nonsense Eviction Process

At Omni Property Management we consider evictions a last resort. We have an excellent track record at preventing evictions thanks to our detailed prospect screening process and optional payment plans for struggling households. However, when necessary we have an experienced legal team that can deal with the eviction process quickly and with the best possible outcome for you, so your property can be occupied by a good tenant as soon as possible.

Southaven Ms Area Information

Southaven is the third largest city in Mississippi with a population of close to 50,000 residents in the latest survey -2010 census. The city lies in Desoto County and serves as a principal city in the Memphis metropolitan area and a suburb of the Memphis area.
The city’s name is derived from its location as its located south of Whitehaven. It began as a small village in the early 1980’s as a result of Kemmons Wilson’s wish to establish small residential subdivisions. The subdivisions were to feature small starter homes that cut across the Mississippi border from Tennessee, Whitehaven, and Memphis.
In less than two decades, Southaven’s area doubled while it attracted loads of residents. The astounding growth is not unusual especially in the Desoto area, the area has attracted a lot of residents especially due to the white flight from Memphis. In the rise of the century, the black flight has resulted in the high rise of black Americans in the area as well.

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