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Five Tips on Getting Your Deposit Back


Deposit cover photo

Getting your security deposit back is much simpler than it seems, and having that extra cash can be extremely helpful while you’re moving out of one home and into another. Rental companies and landlords actually prefer to give you as much of your deposit back as possible back because that means the home was left in good condition. Here are a few tips to help you out in getting your deposit back:



Lawn care saves money off your deposit1. Exterior & Yard

One of the first things the inspector will notice on their walkthrough is the condition of the outside of the home and the landscape. At the time of the inspection make sure the yard is cut, hedges are trimmed, flower beds are free of weeds, and any debris in the yard are removed. Make sure that anything that is set on the curb is scheduled for pickup with your trash service. Property management companies will take out around $200 from your deposit for lawn care.





Painting for deposit2. Paint

Your inspector will notice if you tried to make any paint touchups around the house. This causes more of a hassle and will hurt your chances of getting your deposit. Some wear and tear can be expected at the time of move out. Factors that can lead to a rental deposit being withheld are stains on the walls, ceilings, or floors. Additionally, damages from TV mounts or hanging objects will result in a withheld deposit.




Cleaning carpet3. Carpet

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned before an inspection will cost you a little out-of-pocket, but it will save you money in the long run. Normal wear and tear can be expected on carpets. Prior to the inspection, the tenant is required to have carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner, and will need to be able to provide a receipt from the carpet cleaners. Carpet issues that will result in a reduction of rental deposit are carpet stains, pet damages, or other flooring damages. 



Cleaning Bathroom4.  Cleaning

The property needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the move out inspection. Remeber to clean all appliances, bathrooms, floors, cabinets, and drawers prior to the inspection. Bathrooms are generally a place where tenants forget to give a good clean, so cleaning the toilets, bathtub/shower, mirrors, and floors will show to your inspector that you have been taking care of your home.




Blinds and deposit5. Blinds

Property management companies will take $50 per blinds out of your deposit to replace any damaged blinds. Checking the window blinds for damages and replacing them before your inspection will allow you to get your full deposit back.




For more tips on how you can get even more back from your deposit visit our website or give our office a call at (901) 327-5513.

Posted by: Joseph Blossman on July 2, 2018
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