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Cordova Property Management

We Can Manage Your Cordova, Tennessee Rental Property

Cordova Rental PropertyAre you searching for property management in Cordova? The right property management company can be the difference between a successful entry and investment in the real estate market or a failed one. Looking for reliable property management services is as crucial as your selection of the properties to invest in. These services help you handle the necessary paperwork, offer customer service to clients and deal with the daily running of the properties.

Your search for a quality property manager in Cordova ends with us. Omni Realty has been providing exceptional property management services for Cordova and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. We cover all of Shelby County and nearby locations in Mississippi, servicing areas like Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Southaven, Olive Branch and many more. We cater to your needs whether you are from within Tennessee or you are an investor from another state investing in the rewarding Cordova property market.

Our portfolio is spread out in a range of properties covering condos, residential apartments, and single-family residential homes. We have an experienced and professional team which provides exceptional care that ensures your investment runs smoothly. Call us to learn more about our services and get a free consultation.

Why Work With Us

There are several aspects about our set up, staff and services that have made us attractive to wide ranging clients. These aspects have established our reputation in the Cordova property market.

1. A professional team dedicated to clients success

Working with Omni Realty avails you the services of dedicated and experienced managers. We become part of your team and look out for the best ways to ensure you succeed in the market. With years of meeting clients’ property management needs, we are best placed to offer you advice, handle your property and carry out all the necessary actions to guarantee your property meets expected returns. Our clients love us for the timely collection of rent, the quality of tenants we provide, the top class maintenance services we offer and the up-to-date record keeping on all matters pertaining to their property.

Handling all these affairs frees up your time and allows you to go on with your daily schedules without worrying over your property. It also allows you to confidently continue your investments in the market without being held up by day-to-day management details.

2. Effective marketing for your property

A vacant property quickly becomes an expense. In a competitive market, you have to ensure the right clients get to know of your property. This is where our marketing programs and strategies come in. We employ a mix of marketing platforms and approaches to give your property maximum exposure. All the campaigns are well-executed, even the traditional ‘For Rent’ sign is elegantly done. Our marketing ensures your property is quickly occupied allowing you to start getting returns as soon as possible.

3. Tenant screening

Finding the right tenants is crucial for a peaceful relationship during the term of their lease. To avoid loss of income and time consuming disputes, we have a comprehensive screening procedure used for every tenant. This enables us to prevent most of the common tenant and landlord problems.

4. A seamless rent collection system

You want to have your rents in the bank at set times with no missed or late payments. We achieve this through a strict policy and a smooth automated procedure where rent is paid online making it convenient for all parties.

5. Inspections of your property

You do not have to worry about issues arising from the state of your property. We have periodic inspections where we conduct a thorough assessment, checking every part of the building. We also do move-out and move-in inspections to ensure tenants have left the property in top condition.

6. Regular property maintenance

When need arises, we ensure all necessary repairs are done in time and the quality of the home is maintained. Any necessary upgrades or adaptations as you wish can be done on your behalf. Our volume of operations and relationships with contractors and construction companies allow us to pass to you the benefits of low costs.

7. Handling Tenant evictions

The eviction process is not a comfortable affair. When necessary, we spare you the trouble and ensure when a tenant violates lease terms, the process is done fast and with little if any loss on your side. We understand the law and regulations governing evictions and you can be sure your property will not be embroiled in a lengthy legal battle.

Cordova Area Information

Initially a farming village just out of the present day Memphis, Cordova is a fast-growing community in Tennessee’s Shelby County. Much of the original community is now part of Memphis, but, the conventional bounds of the community lie between Whitten Road and Pisgah Road to the West and East respectively. Interstate 40 is to its North while Wolf River seals the South.

The community has a population of 78,000 according to the 2010 census. It has seen remarkable growth along Macon Road, Houston Levee Road and Germantown Parkway, which hosts much of the community’s commercial and retail centers. Once famous for freshly cut flowers that were sold in Memphis, The community now boasts of a retail growth explosion. Overall, the community has more than 1,200 business enterprises employing almost 20,000 people.

The community is famous for Cordova Station, a one-room locomotive station along the Nashville-Chattanooga- St Louis Railroad and the railroad that runs parallel to the main street, Macon Road.