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The Basics of Tennessee’s Security Deposit Law



A security deposit is required for most rental agreements and residential leases in Tennessee. The deposit, usually a month’s rent, is a dollar amount intended to cover damage resulting from a tenant’s negligence or carelessness.

For example, if a renter breaks bathroom tiles or causes burns and chips in the laminate countertop, the landlord has a right to make appropriate deductions from his or her security deposit. (more…)

How to Deal with Difficult Tenants in Memphis, Tennessee



Dealing with difficult tenants can be a nerve wrecking ordeal as a Memphis landlord. For many, it’s an unfamiliar and potentially risky territory. Traversing all the complex rules pertaining to the rights of tenants and what you can and can’t do as a landlord in Memphis can feel overwhelming.

Even with the most arduous screening process, as a landlord, you’re destined to meet a difficult tenant at some point. Anecdotal landlord experiences suggest it seems to happen in as often as one in five tenancies.

Tenant problems come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. They can range from relatively trivial things like carpet stains to serious criminal activities like cannabis factories.


Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in Tennessee


When either the tenant or the landlord fails to meet their obligations, their relationship can become complicated. Landlords legally expect their tenants to reasonably pay for and maintain the quality of their rental property. Likewise, tenants legally expect their landlords to provide essential services like repairs, maintenance and utilities.

When either party fails to do this, it’s considered a violation of Tennessee’s landlord-tenant laws. Usually, there are legal ramifications. Therefore, understanding these laws is important.


What To Know About Breaking a Lease in Tennessee


You may find that you need to move because of a new job or maybe move closer to your elderly parents. Or perhaps you’re a serviceman and you need to move because you have received a change of station orders. There are many reasons why tenants break a lease agreement in Tennessee.

While all these reasons may be completely justified, not all of them are “legally” justified. When the reasons are legally unjustified, you’ll be liable for paying all rent due under the lease. This is because a lease obligates both you and your landlord for a set period of time. (more…)

Best Neighborhoods to live in Memphis, TN

best-place-live-memphisLocated along the Mississippi River at the Arkansas border, Memphis is an interesting and vivid place. Memphis has a history of dramatic highs and lows: Civil War destruction and reconstruction, antebellum cotton-trading prosperity, and yellow-fever epidemics. Today the city is on an upswing.

Whether you’re looking for urban living or something more pastoral, Memphis has got you covered. It has great neighborhoods to fit a broad range of budgets, preferences, and expectations. So, if you’re thinking of moving to Memphis and are wondering where to live, our team here at Omni Realty has compiled a list for you.


How to Rent to Tenants With Pets


renting-tenant-with-petFor millions of Americans, pets are part of the family. Many places — stores, hotels and restaurants — now have pet-friendly policies. And now, landlords are getting on the bandwagon.

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, Americans now own 95.6 million cats and 83.3 million dogs. In other words, at least 50 percent of homeowners have a pet.

With so many people owning pets, it’s important that landlords factor a pet policy into their lease agreements.


Here’s how to rent to tenants with pets.


The Tennessee Eviction Process


The process to evict a tenant varies widely from place to place. In Tennessee, landlords must keenly follow the rules and procedures stipulated by Tennessee statutes. Otherwise, the eviction process might not be valid in the end.

Eviction laws in Tennessee are further broken down depending on the county you are in. For example, the Tennessee Code under Title 66, Chapter 28 contains the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act that governs specific counties. They include Hamilton, Knox, Davidson, Shelby, Blount, Anderson, Bradley et cetera.

As such, it is important for landlords to familiarize themselves with all applicable laws concerning the Tennessee eviction process. If you’re a landlord in Tennessee this guide is especially for you. Read on.


The Tennessee Eviction Process


Omni Property Management rent a home in 5 easy steps!


Rent a home from Omni Property Management in 5 easy steps

              Omni Property Management 5 steps to rent a single family house, condo, duplex or apartment. Omni can help you find the home of your dreams!

Rent a home from Omni Property Management in 5 steps! We have streamlined the rental process by having everything you need to know on our website to make the experience fast and efficient. Most of all, we want to help find the home of your dreams! Omni Property Management has the goal to help you find a home that works for your lifestyle and budget! Our 5 step process makes renting a new home easy!

Below are the 5 steps to find your dream home!

Step 1:

First of all, look through our list of beautiful homes that are available for rent by clicking this link. You will say WOW! In addition to reading about the features of the property, there are pictures of the outside and inside of the home. While deciding which home you like, request a tour of the homes that you are interested in by clicking here  to schedule a viewing. You will fill out your name, phone number, email address, property addresses you want to tour, the date and time that works best for you. We will confirm the appointment time. Seeing the home or homes in person make it is easier to decide if the house will fit your lifestyle. If you have any issues with our online viewing system, please call our office 901-372-5513.

Step 2:

After you have taken tours of the properties that you are interested in, the next step is to fill out the online application. Our blog has the information needed and income requirements to complete the online application. Please click this link to our blog

Step 3:

Submit the rental application and the $35 application fees and we will start the approval process. Omni Property Management will review your credit, rental references, work history and run a background check to approve your application. We will immediately contact you to go over the next steps.

Step 4:

Payment of the security deposit will secure the property. The purpose of a security deposits is to protect the owner in the event of property damages, unpaid rent and fees. After an inspection the security deposit balance will be issued to you. Typically, a security deposit is equal to one monthly rental payment.

Step 5:

One of our team members will review the lease with you. This is especially relevant because a lease outlines the monthly rent amount and payment due date. It also explains the tenant and owners responsibilities for the property. As a result, of signing the lease and paying your first month’s rent you are ready to move in. Finally, Welcome Home!

Omni Realtors and Property Management logo


Omni Property Management Application Process

Omni Property Management has an online system to expedite the application process to rent a home! All of the application requirements are outlined below to help you gather the information and documents needed for fast approval.

Please be prepared to pay the application fee of $35 when the application is ready to be submitted. Also, each person who will be a resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.

Omni Property Management Application Process

Our application process is online under each listing.  To see listings, please click here. If you need assistance with the application process, please contact us online, please click here  or by phone 901-372-5513.

Provide a copy of a valid form of identification

In addition to a drivers license, please click this link to go to The TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security for a list of valid forms of identification to continue the application process.

Income requirements

You will be asked to provide information on your work history and monthly income. Proof of income can be recent pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns. Upload documents to the application by scanning them as a pdf or take a photo with your phone and upload as a jpeg.

*Employers name, address, phone number, dates of employment and positions held

*Supervisors name

*Gross monthly pay

Please note that most properties require that applicant or applicants have a combined gross income is at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.


  1. Mary earns $1,600 a month and Joe earns $1,400 a month, together they have a combined income of $3,000. Therefore, under our guidelines Mary and Joe could rent a home that has a monthly payment of $1,000.
  2. Susan is in college, she earns $550 a month during the school year and $1,000 a month during summer break. She wants to rent a home that is $550 a month. As a result of her monthly income, in order to qualify to rent the home she will need a person to be a co-signer on the lease. A co-signer is responsible for paying the rent in the event Susan is unable to pay.

Rental History

Please provide 3 years of residential history and contact information for your rental references.

Residential history information:

*Dates for when you resided in the home, the amount of monthly rent paid and reason for moving

*Landlord or management company’s phone number and email address

 Rental references:

*Reference name, relationship, address and phone number.

Documents to attach

To continue the application process, please show proof of income by submitting, recent pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns. Upload documents to the application by scanning them as a pdf or take a photo with your phone and upload as a jpeg.

Pay the $35 application fee

Review and confirm

In addition to contacting Omni Property Management through our “contact us” link our web site we are always available by phone 901-372-5513.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you move into your new home!

Omni Realtors and Property Management application process

# Resource on Living in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the second largest city in Tennessee after Nashville. It has a population of around 1.4 million people. Memphis is located on the Mississippi River in the south-western corner of Tennessee. It is a major commercial and industrial center and is also one of the principal wholesale and retail cities in South Tennessee.

What is it like to live in Memphis TN?

Here is some useful and interesting information about living in Memphis, TN:

Vibrant Downtown

downtown tennessee Over the past two decades, downtown Memphis has rejuvenated itself. Tall, office buildings are a prime feature of Memphis’ skyline. Modern-day urbanization now interlocks with several large parks within the city limits.

There are walking pathways which offer breathtaking views of the waterways and some of the best sunsets in the state. For several years, Beale Street , Graceland, and the National Civil Rights Museum have ranked as some of America’s top national attractions.


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