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Bartlett Property Management – Omni Realty

Let Us Manage Your Bartlett, Tennessee Rental Property

Are you looking to hire a trustworthy and responsible property manager in Bartlett, TN? The right property manager will provide a broad range of critical services such as handling all the necessary paperwork; respond to client needs and also managing the day to day running and maintenance of your property.

When seeking the best property manager in Bartlett, you can count on us to meet all your needs. Omni Realty has been in the industry for over 40 years providing nothing short of premier property management services in Bartlett and its surrounding areas. We provide our custom professional services to clients in nearby locations such as Memphis, Cordova, Southaven, Olive Branch, and Collierville among others. Our professional staff will cater to your needs whether you’re from Tennessee or from out of state.

Whether your investment is in condos, town homes and or single-family residential homes, we have competent and qualified personnel to ensure your property delivers consistent cash increases your ROI. Our wide range of property portfolios is a testimony of our commitment to meet client needs across the board. Feel free to call us and learn more about our services and get a free expert consultation on various property market issues.

Why Choose Us

There are several aspects about our set up, staff and services that have made us attractive to wide ranging clients. These aspects have established our reputation in the Bartlett property market

A Team of Experts Dedicated To Client Success

Omni Realty is staffed with experienced and highly dedicated professionals. We work with you as a team to ensure the increased value of your investment. Our decades of experience, not to mention expertise allows us to offer valuable advice, manage your property and carry out what’s necessary to guarantee your investment meets expected returns.

Our clients value us for our rigorous selection process, timely collection of rent, proper record keeping and top-notch maintenance services.

We relieve you of the stress of the day-to-day running of your property to free up your time, give you more freedom and much-needed peace of mind.

Effective Marketing

Getting your property leased as soon as possible is a time-consuming and stressful process that requires certain skill sets. If you don’t have the knowledge or resources to market your property effectively, you can count on us. Owing to our experience in the field, we know what works and what doesn’t. We leverage our extensive networks and in-depth knowledge to employ the right mix of marketing approaches and platforms to help market your property to qualified renters.

Tenant Screening

Thoroughly screening rental applicants can prevent the majority of landlord-tenant problems. Our extensive knowledge of the local property laws, use of the most up to date technology and years of experience enable us to apply a sophisticated tenant screening process. It goes without saying that finding the right tenants significantly reduce tenant turnover rates.

Timely Rent Collection

A crucial part of our services is to ensure consistent cash flow, which includes timely rent collection. Our seamless rent collection system ensures on-time payments through an online payment system that makes it convenient for all parties.

Property Inspections

Our property managers perform property inspections before, during and after tenancy to ensure everything is in tip-top condition. Routine inspections allow us to identify defects and correct them before they become worse and require major, more time-consuming and more expensive repairs or replacement.

Regular Property Maintenance

Good maintenance and repairs keep your tenants happy and increase the value of your investment. In addition to providing recommendations for improvements, we can also carry out any necessary upgrades or adaptations according to your needs and preferences. We’ve spent years building working relationships with local contractors and construction companies so you can expect high-quality products and services at reasonable costs.

Handling Tenant Evictions

Tenant evictions are often full of pitfalls. Evictions can quickly spiral into seemingly endless legal battles. We ensure the proper steps are followed to remove a problem tenant who violates lease terms, and mitigate costs where possible.

Bartlett, Tennessee Area Information

Bartlett is a city in the United States located in Shelby County, Tennessee. Bartlett city limits cover an entire area of 23.42 square miles with annexation reserves extending up to 20.54 square miles. Being located on the northeast of Memphis, it forms part of the metropolitan area of Memphis.

The city makes use of the Bartlett City School District public school system that includes 11 school buildings around Bartlett. Bartlett city boasts of a population of over 58,579 with a median age of 40 as per the latest census. Being a town of Memphis, it seem to separate itself pretty well. Bartlett is a community, family oriented city having a low cost of living. It is a great place to raise a family with affordable housing and job availability plus good schools and ease in transportation.

There are great parks and more being constructed. Recreation and performing arts center are at top notch. Though the humidity may be uncomfortable, spring and fall are nice with mild winter.